It crushed the heart

It took the soul

It created a void inside

The smiles we shared

The memories we treasured

The promises we declared

Have become ashes

Ashes of the soul

Ashes of the mind

Ashes of existence

Ashes consume me

Burying every piece of me

Suffocating my ability to breathe, to forgive

A part of it has died

Rotting, bleeding

into the street

It taught me many things

How momentary promises are

How easy it is to be alone

How deceiving feelings can be

How to create a void between existence and friends

It feels like a wooden piano

abandoned in a giant, old, decaying, solitary house

Torn, rusted, and broken


My mind aches when people ask

I smile and say it's doing great

Feelings and memories dull

It broke the heart

and shook my soul

Within it all, I know I sliced your heart

Stole your soul

Left you alone in the giant, old, decaying, solitary house



Left to die

The way you have left me

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